Experience Chef Marco’s latest creations featuring the newest local trends of Italy

Vodka Pleasure

Vodka may not be the answer, but it is definitely worth a shot. Therefore, buy one and get one free to experience a vodka-based cocktail from the team and choose between: Cosmopolitan Bumblebee bruise…
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Lobster Promotion

Savour the lobster promotion menu created by Chef Marco Zuppa di Aragosta Insalata di Aragosta Risotto all’ Aragosta Fettuccine all’ Aragosta Aragosta Canadese al forno con spaghetti neri Valid fr…
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Closing Happy Hour

Enjoy out late happy hour and close the day with a 50% discount on selected beverage items available from 22:30 till 24:00 hrs. Valid from 1-19 September 2017
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